Planning Beginning Clojure Web Development Book

1 minute read

My Clojure book is going well, still very much in beta, but content for it is being gathered. Programming in Clojure is so good that I am adding code examples than writing content for the book.

I am a professional Ruby on Rails developer, I make the most money out of it. So I thought why not write a book about Clojure web development? Rails really changed my productivity, I ditched PHP completely. I have a gut feeling that in near or far future Clojure will make me ditch Rails. Object-oriented programming gets messy when we reach about 0.2 million lines of code. Even if the coding is done well, you have a lot of stuff, design patterns etc. which kind of sucks.

Let’s get to the cover. Since I am from Ruby on Rails, which has logo has the color of red, the book cover is red, to signify that I am bringing in the sweetness of Rails learning here. The cake is there to signify the pleasure of Clojure programming on the platter of Rails mentality (signified by red background). The back cover has cherries as bullet points containing content that highlight stuff about this book.

I am neither claiming that my Clojure book will be completed, or this book will get started to be written (I am just another guy who has to survive by sacrificing my passion), all I have done is put my plans as bullet points on its cover and got this thing designed. I thank the creator of lisp and people who built tooling around it, and the Clojure community for giving me such confidence.