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My next clojure steps

1 minute read

I am kind of finishing Getting Clojure book. I don’t understand namespaces in Clojure well. Apart from that all is okay. I am planning for my next Clojure st...

I kind of understand Clojure macros

2 minute read

Looks like I have understood about macros in Clojure (a bit). So whats a macro? Lets say you want to add 2 and 3 and you will write it like this:

The books I am reading to learn Clojure

1 minute read

There are many Clojure books, it would be confusing to choose one to learn. Here I would like blog what books are the best to start learning Clojure.

Why Clojure?

4 minute read

In this blog I would like to tell why I am choosing Clojure. I hope you like it.

Recursion in Clojure

1 minute read

Just want to make a note so that I don’t forget. I am reading Clojure to build very complex, concurrent systems that deal with lot of data. Using OOPS for th...