My Clojure book gradually gets into shape

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I am happy to say that my Clojure book is gradually getting into shape. When ever I get time, I am adding few examples into it. Today I realized that I had added enough examples into Functions to make it almost complete.

Functions are at the heart of Clojure, and if that section is almost example complete then it makes me feel my book could become complete one day. I have written book about Ruby, and I have another one about understanding Data Science. The one thing that’s different when it comes to writing a book about Clojure is that, programming in Clojure is so simple, and it stirs happiness, currently my book is filled with Clojure examples than text. I should add text soon.

My book is modeled after Getting Clojure, the only advantage it has is that it’s libre and gratis. I don’t think it can match the level of Getting Clojure. My book can be modified, shared, printed without guilt.

I wish one day I will become a professional Clojure programmer and escape JavaScript. Let’s see what the future holds. One can get my Clojure book here.