My next clojure steps

1 minute read

I am kind of finishing Getting Clojure book. I don’t understand namespaces in Clojure well. Apart from that all is okay. I am planning for my next Clojure steps, they are as follows:


First I want to write a tic-tac-toe player in Clojure. It will be a console based game, possibly one day GUI for it will be developed, but now it will be a console game and will play tic-tac-toe with a human opponent.

Sudoku Solver

Next I want to create a sudoku solver, given a puzzle it will solve it and print the output.

Four in a row

Third I want to create 4 in a row player where the engine will play that game against a human.


Fourth I want to create a microblogging platform, I want to call it peig (personal microblog). I am looking for good looking pig clipart to be its mascot. If you know one, please tell me.

I will bring in Ruby on Rails best practices to Pedestal, I will use hiccup for peig. I totally dislike react, hence I think I will be creating more productive framework to code peig. Hopefully I will use Clojure Script as well, thus making this a pure Clojure project.


Let’s see how my Clojure journey goes.