Cover for my Clojure Data Science book

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I’m happy to announce that cover for my Clojure Data Science book is ready and this is it. I got the excavator image from Free svg. There is no meaning in this cover, but for those who want meaning for everything, this excavator has no human operator because it operated by an A.I. and not a human.

I have to warn you that this book is a long way from now, I have to finish writing my Clojure Book, then should start writing my Clojure web development book, then come to this one. Or I may start adding chapters to this book now and then when I feel so.

I think for 100’s of megabytes of Data, and trying to understand it, Clojure would be good, but I feel there could be a GPU abstraction layer for Java, which we people can use to do high performance compute.

Even if this book is not for high performance compute, I think Clojure developers can use it to learn the mathematics and programming needed to do Data Science.

So, let’s see, wish me luck and good fortune so that I can keep contributing to Free Software.