The books I am reading to learn Clojure

1 minute read

There are many Clojure books, it would be confusing to choose one to learn. Here I would like blog what books are the best to start learning Clojure.

Getting Clojure

The first book that worked for me is Getting Clojure, it makes it really simple for one to start with the language by introducing to basic concepts of Clojure and its data structures. Usually pragmatic programmers books are easy to read and well written, this book did not disappoint me when it comes to learning Clojure basics.

Web Development with Clojure

The other book I am reading is Web Development with Clojure, 3rd edition. This book is helping me quickly learn to build web apps with Clojure.

I must warn the reader though that I am a seasoned web developer and had developed websites using Perl, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby. So may be this book is easy for me because I already know what CSRF is when this book mentions it and need not dive into internet to know it. I find this book as a good read for experienced web developers who want to explore Clojure.


There some other fields I want to employ Clojure, like Data Science and Machine Learning. As I go through these books, and other vertical related books, I will blogging it. So stay tuned.