Night Light IDE seems to be excellent for Clojure learning

less than 1 minute read

I happened to download Night Light IDE for Clojure and I was blown away! The first thing was how minimal it was. It gave the right tools to start and continue with the project, the second was how easy it was to launch REPL in it. Look at the screenshot above. You goto any file and hit the menu Insta REPL and then boom you just have a REPL at left!

Discontinued Editor

Night light is currently good, but it’s a discontinued editor as you can see it in its github page, its marked as archived. It’s author tells us to try Para Vim which I might try and blog about.

My Progress.

Currently I am reading the second section in Getting Clojure, I will use Night Light to learn Clojure and then try to switch, may be use Para Vim or Atom (which I am super comfortable with), or Emacs and Cider.