Started writing libre and gratis Clojure book

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If you all know, I am moving to Clojure from Ruby on Rails because I think I need not face JavaScript, and because people talk a lot about Clojure and its greatness.

I think I have enough data to start writing about introductory Clojure book. But I am not sure how successful I would be, because my Ruby book needs updating, and my data science book is almost an orphan now.

One good thing is, this book would be libre and gratis. If you have any suggestion, please mail me at or WhatApp, Signal or Telegram @ +91 8428050777, so that I can include it in my book. So any way let’s see what the future holds.

One can access the beta version of this book here Wish me luck.

Just because I am writing a book doesn’t mean that I am a expert in Clojure, all it means that I am learning it and am just writing a book. I need all help, people should spot mistakes, possibly send a fix a pull request etc for this book to come out with shining colors.