ds4clj - Data Science for Clojure

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I started Clojure to avoid JavaScript while developing web apps. And when you use OOP, when the code size increases to a decimillion lines of code, one can see the strain of maintaining it. I practiced my Data Science skills with Julia, an excellent language developed for scientific computing.

But then in Clojure group, there was a guy called Daniel Slutsky, he suddenly started to offer courses for Data Science for Clojure, and we had our first call on how things should be.

One can access our call video here.

One can also join Clojure for Data Science discussion here.

In our first call, these were the resources that one is encouraged to read, so that one can learn about basic Clojure and Data Science:

I wish more people will join this effort. Data Science / Statistics is a huge field and will grow exponentially in the coming days. Clojure might be one of the perfect languages ever made. I am really excited to see where this would lead.

My take on Data Science is bit different. If I find time, will be blogging about it soon.