Clojure Workshop and Calva

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Clojure Workshop

I have started reading this book Clojure Workshop

This book promises to teach Clojure from start and claims that at the end of this book we would have developed a web app. Being a Ruby on Rails developer, I am exited by this promise. I am in its first chapter which teaches about REPL.

I see this book as a bundle of Getting Clojure and Web Development with Clojure combined.


I don’t like Visual Studio Code because it’s from Microsoft, possibly the most evil company in the history of computing. I am using an alternative called VSCodium which does not track you and it does not send information from your editor to Microsoft’s servers.

I have installed a plugin called Calva which enables to code in Clojure. I am learning about Calva. You must checkout this video, the pains the author has taken to make it so easy to get started: