New logo for Clojure Diary

less than 1 minute read

I am happy to announce that we now have a logo for Clojure diary. Before we were using the copyrighted Clojure logo. I never knew it was copyrighted, until I did a Clojure biohazard logo, for which some people said that it’s a bad idea since Clojure logo is copyrighted. I was bit stunned. But yeah, someone even said that biohazard logo was cool enough that he/she will tattoo it! That was nice!

I was using Clojure logo for this blog and Clojure Diary youtube channel, and since it’s copyrighted I wished to Change. On YouTube I saw Clojure TV using Clojure logo, if my channel too used the same logo it could confuse people, so I have to change, and change I did. The above pictures are our card and logo. The font used in the card is Dancing Script.

We hope you’d like it.